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Lee Sungmin//이성민

Lee Sungmin // 이성민
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Lee Sungmin (이성민)

Real Name: Lee Sungmin (이성민/李 成 民)
Nickname(s): Sweet Pumpkin (단호박), Minimi (미니미)
Date of Birth: January 1, 1986
Place of Birth: Ilsan in KyungGi Province (경기도 일산) (서울)
Height: 175 cm/5' 8.9"
Weight: 57 kg/125.4 lb
Blood Type: A
Siblings: younger brother Lee Sungjin
Pets: Ari (Yorkshire Terrier dog)
Specialty/Hobby: Chinese martial arts, Acting, Watching movies, Playing instruments
Education: Transferred from Seoul Arts University (서울예대학교); currently a student at Myongji University (명지대학교)
Subgroups: Super Junior T, Super Junior H
source: soompi

01. All entries must be Sungmin-related or Sungmin-focused. General entries should be posted in Super Junior Main Community. Entries can be news, cyworld entries, pictures, videos / streamings, graphics and fanfictions.

02. Lj-cut is necessary for long entries, including news and picture spams. Please refer here of how to do lj-cut.

03. Cite out the original source for news and/or translation. Credit is also necessary for pictures (especially when it is demanded by the original source).

04. For fanfictions, please do remind:
04a. Character must be Sungmin-focused. Pairings of anyone/Sungmin is allowed, as long as Sungmin plays a major role in the fictions.
04b. Please list the following: Title, Characters and/or Pairings, Genre, Rating, Word Count and Summary outside lj-cut.

05. For graphics (icons, banners, headers, wallpapers), please do remind:
05a. Give a maximum of 4 (FOUR) teasers for icons and/or resized banners/headers/wallpapers.
05b. ALL teasers must be Sungmin-focused or has Sungmin in.
05c. Fake cut is encouraged, just don't forget to mention how long each entry is kept public.

06. No advertising is allowed without permission from mod. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to advertise.

07. Please tag your entries accordingly. Don't worry if the tag is not created yet, I will add it for you :3

08. No bashing and flaming is allowed. Enjoy yourself and spread Sungmin love!

(past) mell1e,youenvyme,theuncolored
(current) amine87//amine87sj@gmail.com

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